Keeping it out of sight, won’t ruin your night


In February of 2012, the BBC reported that mobile phone thefts in the London borough of Islington had increased by 400% over 12 months.


As the availability of camera phones and the culture of recording on them increases, if you are filming inside our venue for a short or prolonged period of time, you are making yourself even more visible to a small percentage of people who are motivated to steal your possessions. You wouldn’t stand in a crowded environment holding a wad of £50 notes above your head so please, if you do have to bring your phone to our venue, be aware that your free-on-contract handset is worth a lot more in other hands. Keeping it out of sight, won’t ruin your night.


Following the launch of our phone safety campaign in October 2012 and having worked closely with Islington Police, we’ve concluded that 95% of phone theft victims over this time inside fabric have been female.


Furthermore, almost all of these thefts report that phones are being taken from bags in and around the dancefloors and bar areas.


We can only urge all comers to take every precaution possible when attending fabric to keep your phone safe.



When inside fabric, you are underground and as such phone reception is patchy. Plus filming inside is actively discouraged. Please, don’t advertise your property:




Please, don’t let it ruin your night:




If your phone or personal property is stolen:




For more advice and information visit the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit’s website at:

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